We have talented and skilled people to teach you new projects – whether you are a novice or an adventurous creator!  Crochet, knitting, macrame, and more.  If there is something you want to learn we’d love to hear your suggestions.  Classes are held day-times, evenings and weekends.



Macrame Basics plus a bit more

Saturday 31 August & 7 September 12.30pm – 2.30pm

Class outline  

Session One – Learn the knots that are essential to starting any Macrame Project

Session Two – Using the knots learnt, we then create an item of your choice which includes estimating quantity of cotton rope required and designing your own patterns.

Cost is $100 which includes tuition, all materials and light refreshments. Classes are limited to 4 people.  To register please complete the Registration Form.

Our aim is to teach and give you confidence in your Macrame. We believe that you only need 2 classes to be proficient. Week 1 is hands on learning knots and techniques. Week 2 is where you work on YOUR chosen Macrame project. This is the week where most of your learning is developed and applied. 

Cost for the 2 week class is $100.00 which includes:

  • 4 hours of tuition
  • All materials
  • Light  Refreshment



    Learn to Knit – Class

    Saturday 10 & 17 August 12.30 – 2.30 pm 

     Class outline 

    Want to try knitting but don’t know where to start?

    Tried YouTube but couldn’t quite get it? We have the solution, join Yarning Place Beginner Knitting class.

    This class caters for those who have little or no knowledge of knitting to those who have tried but are just not confident with their skills.

    In the class you will learn about the “tools of the trade” as well as yarns, tension and of course plain and purl stitches.

    Taken by expert knitting teachers, the classes are conducted in a comfortable and relaxed environment where all are welcome.  Come along, learn a new skill, meet new people, create something unique having fun while you do it.

    The Beginner knitting classes are 2 x 2 hour classes taken over 2 weeks 


    Cost for the 2 week Beginner class is $130.00 which includes:

    4 hours of tuition

    • 1 x Ball 8 ply Zara 100% Superfine Australian Merino (your choice of colour)
    • 1 pair of Clover Bamboo Needles
    • Basic Patterns
    • Project Bag
    • Light Refreshments


    Beginner Crochet Classes

    This 4 hour class is taken over 2 Classes


    Wednesday 14 & 21 August 6.30pm – 8.30pm


    Saturday 7 & 14 September 10.30am – 12.30pm

    Do you want to learn how to Crochet or refresh your skills?  Are you curious as to how people make gorgeous Granny Square rugs, cushions or handbags? Wonder how shawls, beanies and tops are made? How to read a crochet pattern? Or want to learn the basics of crochet such as what a chain, treble and double crochet is?

    Come to our beginners’ crochet class and find out the answers to these question as well as learning how to crochet in a comfortable environment with like-minded people.

    At the end of the 2 classes you will be confident at crocheting chains, double crochet stitch and trebles. Have learnt how to read crochet patterns, made a Granny Square at least two different ways as well as start a project of your own.

    Where, when and what do you get?

    The classes are taken by our expert Crocheters who will get you crocheting in no time.

    Cost for the 2 week class is $120.00 which includes:

    ·         4 hours of Tuition

    ·         2 x Balls Loyal 8ply Wool

    ·         1 Crochet Hook

    ·         Basic Patterns

    ·         Project Bag

    ·         Light refreshments

    Register by completing the form on the right or call 93994233 or drop into the shop and register in person.




    Continental Knitting Class

    Saturday September 14  – 10.30am-1.00pm

    Continental or German knitting is a method of knitting where the yarn is in the left hand around the fingers for tension control with the left index finger  used to help the needle pick up the yarn and form a new stitch.

    It is also referred as “picking” versus the English Knitting Method of “throwing”.

    In this class you will learn to knit and purl in the Continental style which includes learning how to increase, decrease and knit ribbing.

    Cost for this one off 2 ½ hour class is $80.00 with materials including:

    • 1 Ball of Zara or Bellissimo 8ply
    • 1 pair of Clover Bamboo Knitting Needles
    • Instructions with photos
    • Project Bag
    • Light refreshments

    This class is for those that can knit and wish to learn this method.

    To register complete the form to the right or call 9399 4213 or drop by the shop and register in person