Macramé yarns are available in 4.5mm double twist and single twist cotton, made, dyed and available right here in greater Melbourne.  Quality from Industrial Yarns. 

Also 5 mm double twist classic natural cotton.  The classic Macramé yarn.  In 1kg and 2 Kg rolls.



Macrame Classes are held regionally, and with a maximum of 4 in each class.  Beginner to intermediate in hours.  Including a short break.



Our point of difference with our Macramé Classes are that we aim to teach confidence in your Macramé work.  We believe that only ever 2 classes are needed, where week one is hands on and you learn knots and techniques, week two is where you have chosen your own Macramé project, whatever that may be, a wall-hanging, a pot hanger, a bowl, a small curtain for example.  This second week is where most of your learning is developed.  AND classes are limited to 4 persons.  Our aim is to give you the confidence to finish your project, and then to freely choose your next project.  If you keep experimenting, and doing, and join our club, other classes may  not be necessary.