Makers and Creators

Our aim is to find locally made, unique yarn made goods to sell in our shop and online! We know Makers and Creators often need an outlet for their productivity – our shop at Vernon St – may be what you need!

Yarning Place will work in partnership with you to achieve our combined goals. 

If you’d like to be considered as a Yarning Place Maker or Creator please complete the application form below. Send us some supporting images, along with retail prices in an email to    Once we have had a Makers Assessment meeting, we will be in contact and let you know if you are successful or not regarding the suitability of your product for our customers. We accept applications at any time.

We only stock goods made from quality yarns preferably purchased from Yarning Place.

What are my investment costs?


Very little except what you do already – make and create beautiful items with yarn.  Cost of yarn, and bringing/posting your creation to our shop

How does it work?
Yarning Place takes stock on consignment from approved Makers and Creators. There are no rental agreements or work requirements for Yarning Place to sell your goods. We charge a flat 40% commission on each item that is sold at the Yarning Place.
What do I get for this?
As you know there are costs involved in selling.  Yarning Place provides you with a cost effective way to sell your goods in a retail space. You get: • New customers in person • Staffed retail space trading 5 days per week Tuesday – Saturday. • Additional promotional night sales opportunities & extended hours when classes are held • No additional charges for using Credit Card, EFTPOS and packaging, • Ongoing visual merchandising in shop and rotating displays. • No definitive space restrictions – all products are merchandised, mixing with other brands for the customers convenience.

5% Discount on yarns purchased at Yarning Place which are used for the items offered for sale.

How long will Yarning Place stock my items?
As part of our quality reviewing processes we will monitor and keep you advised of the popularity of the items. Yarning Place will work in partnership with you to achieve our combined goals.
Who decides on the price of my items?
You must set your own sell prices. You will need to make sure that all products are tagged and priced before being delivered to the shop.  Prices need to take into consideration the 40% commission that will be deducted from each sale. We insist on pricing consistency of your product irrespective of where it is being sold.
How do I become a Yarning Place supplier?
Please complete the following form. Email photos of samples with sizes and a description and name of the yarn, or provide a link to an online presence.   If we are able to stock your items we will give you a call and ask to see some finished products.
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