Crochet Hooks “Armour” – Clover


Clover  “Armour” Crochet Hooks

Sizes: various from 3.00mm, to 8.00mm

Length: 10 cm



Clover  “Armour” Crochet Hooks

Easy-to-Use Crochet Hook
The straight section of the hook shaft is longer to ensure consistent loop size and beautiful crocheting. Sizes up to and including 6mm have an aluminium hook shaft. The hooks 6.5mm and above have a resin materiel to make the hook light and strong.

Soft, Non-Slip Material in the handle, with three-dimensional curves on the grip to fit your fingertips naturally. This design prevents you from gripping the hook too tightly, stopping your hand from getting tired.

Sizes: various from 2.50mm to 12.00mm

Length: 10 cm

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  1. admin

    A dream to work with – you will be surprised at just how comfortable these hooks are to use.

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