Help – Request Assistance for Your Project

$10.00 price_including_GST

All our yarn customers will continue to get this service for FREE.

For all those smaller problems where booking into a class and waiting will stop your project.  These little bursts of assistance are to keep your project going to completion.

No need to put your project aside, or start another one, or become frustrated and take a break altogether.  We want you to be able to keep on enjoying the process of knitting, crochet, macramé, and we have decided to offer service assistance to those who are unable to come to our shop, or do not purchase yarn from us.

Working in a dedicated yarn shop we are now having a growing number of new customers come in with their project at a standstill because they have a problem (could be a dropped stitch, added a yarn over, or are unable to follow a pattern)., and because we help so many, much of our time is now taken up, we have decided to offer this service of help with your knit, crochet, macramé project for the one fixed price of $10.00.


All our yarn customers know we offer this service free to them with each purchase of yarn.

We are able to do all sorts of fixes.  We have know how to fix knitting, crochet, or macramé mistakes to get you progressing again on your project. Projects become more pleasurable when you are able to fix your own mistakes.  Even as we progress with our chosen hobby, all of us need some help once in a while!  So we offer our knowledge as a service to all.



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