Incomparable Buttons – various ANIMAL buttons

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Incomparable Buttons – use the drop down menu to view the various styles

  • Handmade
  • Washable
  • Great for knitting, sewing and more
  • Great selection of sizes and styles
  • Price is per each carded set
  • Fair trade from South Africa


Fair Trade from South Africa. Each handmade button is carefully crafted from Incomparable’s unique mix of ceramic and stoneware clay, then hand-painted and glazed before multiple firings at very high temperature. This is why Incomparable buttons are 100% machine washable and can even be dry cleaned.

There are various sizes and styles of animal buttons. Use the drop down menu to view each style.

See separate entry for flower & novelty buttons.

More buttons available, we are happy to help match buttons to our yarns.




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Weight 50 g


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