Katia – Pattern Concept No5 – 36 Knit & Crochet Clothing Designs for Women

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This magazine has 36 Designs all for women, with patterns ranging from Easy, through Intermediate to Advanced as described the book and our in-house expert trainers.

Knit patterns –       26         12 Easy    Intermediate    Advanced

Crochet patterns –  9            Intermediate      Advanced

Knit & Crochet in the one pattern – 6          2 Easy      Intermediate    Advanced

Click this link TO SEE PHOTOS of ALL FINISHED PROJECTS and turn the pages

Comprehensive book as it has instructions for a beginner to knit these projects.  How to cast on and get you going with basic stitches and more see the index listed below to know what is available.

These patterns use various weight yarns, for knit and crochet, therefore a range of needles and crochet hook sizes are required to do all patterns

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With 36 Spring & Summer patterns for women you can get going with making beautiful clothes. A timeless cardigan, comfortable sweater or trendy scarf?  Your imagination needed for just that gorgeous winter yarn.   Stunning Spring summer designs come to life in Katia Concept yarns including Cotton Yak, Polynesia and Cotton Cashmere.

An exceptional range of patterns in the one book.  Clear quality photos with step by step pattern instructions, and web-video support also.

This magazine Concept by Katia No5 Spring – Summer 36 Models

The Index shows the Step by Step InstructionsKnitting, Crochet and Hairpin Lace.   Including basic simple hints and clues that just help so much.

Learning to Knit:-          Introduction to Knitting     How to Begin – Simple cast on – Tubular cast on     Basic Knit Stitches – Knit – Purl – Yarn Over – Slip Stitch – Knitting two stitches together – Knit through back of loop – Single decrease – Double decrease – Two stitches worked in the same stitch – Leaving stitches on hold – Row – Edge stitch     Gauge     Most Frequently Used Basic Stitches – Stockinette stitch – Reverse Stockinette stitch – Garter stitch – 1×1 Ribbing – 2×2 Ribbing – Jacquard – Intarsia     Cables – Stitches crossed over to the right – Stitches crossed over to the left

Learning How to Make a Garment:-          Increasing – Decreasing – and/or Binding Off     Decreasing at the beginning of a row – Decreasing at both edges of the same row – increasing at the beginning of a row – increasing at both edges of the same row     Binding (Casting) Off – Simple bind off – Tubular bind on     Finishes – Round buttonholes – Horizontal buttonholes – Picking up stitches     Seams – Back stitch – Grafting – Side seams     Decorations – Fringe – Pom poms     Embroidery – French knot – Stem stitch – Satin stitch – Cross stitch – Lazy Daisy stitch – Basting Stitch – Chain stitch – Embroidered Jacquard – Bullion Stitch – Buttonhole stitch – Back stitch

Crochet and Hairpin Lace:-          Introduction to Crochet – Chain stitch – Slip stitch – Single Crochet – Half Double stitch – Double Crochet – Triple Crochet – Double Triple Crochet – Backwards Crochet     Working in the Round – Ring with Chain stitches – Magic ring – First row and close     How to Follow a Crochet Graph – Jacquard stitch crochet     Universal Hairpin Lace     Introduction to Hairpin Lace – Basic Instructions – Joining the strips – Edging – Group Edging     Tunisian Crochet

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