Kerry Lord – Edward’s Menagerie Dogs – 50 Canine Crochet Patterns

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This book is designed to assist you go from a non-crochet person to beginner through to an advanced crochet person, by working through the beginner patterns first.

Beginner Patterns:-     1 Eleanor the Labrador     2 Enzo the French Bulldog     3 Maximillian the Weimaraner     4 Constance the Porcelaine     5 Millie the Poodle     6 Chad the American Water Spaniel     7 Lyon the Dogue de Bordeaux     8 Babel the Puli

Advanced Patterns:-     9 Spencer the Pug     10 Zoe the Pumi     11 Rachel the Bedlington Terrier     12 Saxon the Cocker Spaniel     13 Lexi the Husky     14 Holmes the Basset Hound     15 Rooney the Border Terrier     16 Axel the German Shepherd     17 Reginald the Scottish Terrier     18 Geoff the West Highland Terrier     19 Don the Golden Retriever     20 Anne the Red Setter     21 Hollie the Staffordshire Bull Terrier     22 Rosie the Duchshund     23 Jed the Border Collie     24 Romeo the Schnauzer     25 Laura the Chinese Crested     26 Samson the Old English Sheepdog     27 Doris the Shih Tzu     28 Mark the Dalmatian     29 Kate the Boxer     30 Evelyn the Chihuahua   31 Ella the Rottweiler     32 Wenni the Chow Chow     33 Myra the Bichon Frise     34 Dorothy the Yorkshire Terrier     35 Tyrone the English Bull Terrier     36 Gemma the Whippet     37 Angelina the Samoyed     38 Joyce the Irish Wolfhound     39 Amy the Afghan Hound     40 Ilana the Newfoundland     41 Simay the Pekingese     42 Maddison the Papillon     43 Byron the Shar Pei     44 Wainwright the Lakeland Terrier     45 Honey the Corgi     46 Andreas teh Mudi     47 Hugo the Brussels Griffon     48 Lola the Beagle     49 Columbus the Red Tibetan Mastiff     50 Len the Springer Spaniel.

16 Pullover Sweater     17 Top     18 Top     19 Pullover Sweater     20 Pullover Sweater     21 Gilet Cardigan     22 Gilet Jacket    23 Pullover Sweater

24 Gilet Jacket     25 Stole     26 Stole     27 Man’s Sweater     28 Pullover Sweater     29 Woman’s Sweater     30 Man’s Sweater     31 Top

32 Pullover Sweater     33 Man’s Sweater     34 Long Gilet Long Jacket     35 Hooded Sweater     36 Pullover Sweater     37 Gilet Cardigan

38 Mantel Coat     39 Pullover Sweater     40 Pullover Sweater     41 Pullover Sweater      42 Pullover Sweater

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Edward’s Menagerie Dogs began with a desire to make a few toys for my unborn baby.  Kerry has coined her own style of pattern writing, and intends this to be as clear as possible for a beginner picking up a hook for the first time, and she has split the projects into Beginner and Advanced to help those new to this craft to learn as they go.

Beginner to Advanced Crochet

Introduction – How to Use This Book – You Will Need – Yarn Sizes – Yarn Choices – Sizing

Technicals Explained:-     Basic Skills     The Stitches     Stuffing and Sewing     Order of Sewing     Ears    Face Details     Tails     Make Your Own Dog

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