Stitch holders, Cable Stitch holders & Stitch Markers

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Select from various products to assist with your knitting

Clover #330 – Cable Stitch Holders        Clover #3006 – Double Ended Stitch Holder

Clover #3030 – Stitch Marker Triangles – Small            Clover #3031 – Stitch Marker Triangles – Medium

Clover #3150 – Stitch Marker Triangles – Medium        Clover #3149 – Stitch Marker Triangles Small

KnitPro Stitch Holder – various sizes


Clover quality – Useful accessories for knitting.

Double Ended Stitch Holders – 2 pack 13.3cm long,  suitable for use with needles  3.75mm – 8mm.

Cable Stitch Holders – 3 thicknesses to suit most yarns.

Stitch Markers – Triangle – small 3.75mm-5mm 16 pieces  OR  Triangle – medium 5.5mm-6.5mm 16 pieces,  or Quick Locking Stitch Markers Small 20 pieces. or Quick Locking Stitch Markers Medium 20 pieces.

KnitPro Stitch Holders in a pack of 3 different sizes: 8.30 cm (golden), 11.50 cm (red) and 16.50 cm (blue).

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