Beginner Knitting Kits (Adult and Child) – Yarning Place design

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The Knitting Kit contains:-

  • Yarning Place beginner Knitting instructions (which will explain a few basic skill required to knit, such as cast on, plain knit, purl knit, and cast off, and you have finished your project.
  • 2 Patterns – 1 for finger-less mittens, and 1 for a cup holder.  Smaller projects which we recommend for beginners as it is a small enough project to finish quicker.  Interesting enough knitting having the necessary complexity for skill development, rather than just going back and forth for a long scarf or blanket.
  • Our standard Knit Kit includes 3 x 50 gram balls of Loyal DK /8ply 100% Merino Wool of 105 metres each.  You are able to select from a range of colours.  After purchasing your kit, we will can contact you as we fill your order, to confirm your colour choices of yarn.  Choose 3 balls from our range of 20 plus colours in this yarn Natuarlly Loyal DK
  • Knitting Needles – 1 x pair Clover Bamboo 23 cm
  • Please let us know if this is for Adults or Kids, as with Kids we supply larger sized knitting needles them to begin with.
  • UPGRADE of yarn.   For an extra cost you are able to select an upgrade in wool quality by choosing from:-
    • Superfine Merino of White Gum Wool   NOTE this kit has 1 x 100 gram ball of 250 metres.
    • Extra Fine Merino from the Zara range.   NOTE 2 x 50 gram balls of 125 metres.
    • Extra Fine Merino from the Bellissimo brand.   NOTE 2 x 50 gram balls of 125 metres.
  • 1 x Yarning Place calico project bag to store and carry your work in progress


Our standard kit contains Needles, Patterns and 3 balls of quality 100% Merino wool.

Beginners may be interested in the extra quality in the wool for the upgrade kits, as the Superfine Merino Wool and the Extra Fine Merino Wool are much softer to the touch, just as strong, and have better stitch definition because of the twist.

The kit can be assembled to be suitable for Adult or Child.

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Weight 200 g


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