Granny Square Shaped Bag

Easy Crochet – Pattern by Yarning Place

A fun crochet pattern consisting of basic granny squares are all edged in the main colour which makes it easy to join them neatly with a hidden seam or using a feature crochet edging to join (as in the pictue).  The pattern is easy to adjust to have more or less colours, or get creative and make bigger squares resulting in a larger bag.

The pictured bag is made using Heirloom 8 ply cotton – used 2 ball of Navy, and 1 each of Jungle Green, Green and Honey Dew.


  Granny Square Shaped Bag


     Heirloom 8 ply cotton     Papyrus 8 ply cotton / silk


       4mm Crochet Hook


     5 balls – 4 colours in total      5 balls – 4 colours in total