Striped Crochet Rug

This simple rug is a nice change to the traditional granny square blanket most crocheters know.  This rug has been based on Naturally Pattern N1329.

It is quite simple once you get the hang of the “formula” – That sounds scarier than it really is!  Basically you add 4 stitches to each side for each new row. I found I would count every second row or so just to make sure I was not missing any of those extra stitches.

This blanket is designed as a rectangle which is much more useful shape to use, than most granny square crocheted blankets which are mostly done as a square blanket.

The pattern is for a 10ply – and uses a variegated yarn which would work well and involve no planning of colour changes.  I have made it in 8ply cotton using a 4mm hook and choose to crochet 3 rows and then change colour.  Using an 8ply instead of a 10ply made no difference to the overall pattern.  (Just make sure you use the appropriate crochet hook for the ply yarn you are using).

The pattern has an openwork row, about row 6, which I omitted as I didn’t want to break up the 3 row design.

You could make it in any number of colours – and any palette, pastels, brights or one solid colour.

The quantities will depend on how large you want the finished product to be.  6 – 8 balls should get you a cot blanket / small lap rug. Around about 70 cm x 75 cm.

The pattern looks very “wordy” but once you know it is treble and chains – just like a granny square would use – it is logical and quick.  (The purchased pattern has another crochet blanket pattern which I hope to try out soon.) Naturally Pattern N1329.

We are suggesting this can be made from a variety of yarns and have put into a table the estimated quantities for 2 yarns that we recommend for this pattern.