Yarning Place Bus

Keep a lookout for the Yarning Place Bus as it travels around South East Australia, (mainly Victoria).  A project for the rest of this year is to gather your yarn story from right around this region.

I will be stopping and yarning, (knitting, macramé, a bit of crochet), and talking (mainly listening) with you, about your yarn story.  The Yarning Place Bus is full of yarns to look at, touch, and talk about.

I began listening to customer/community yarning stories at Yarning Place in South Kingsville.  I found these stories interesting and after a few months, whenever a person had the time and interest I began to write down their yarn story.  By accident I discovered other yarners, also find these stories interesting.  One evening late last year as a special request I was able to yarn about yarning with Daphne who was visiting family in the Melbourne, having traveled from the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia, and gladly she had wished to visit our shop.  My taking her story occurred at a weekly social yarning event at Yarning Place, where several people sat around a large communal table and yarn together.  Shortly after I started yarning with Daphne, the rest of the group quietened.  It was probably because of Daphne’s response to how I start these yarns:-

I said,          “I would like to hear your yarn story, how long have you been yarning?”

Daphne said, “I’m 94 and have been knitting for 87 years.”

We continued our yarn, which was a living history of knitting and crochet, the difficulties, the pleasure, the necessity, the love, the memories of people and projects in her yarning life.  As we progressed I noticed the attention around the table was focused on our yarn at the end of the table, when suddenly other’s began to ask Daphne questions – and Daphne held court for the next hour and a half.  A most fascinating story from an accomplished knitter over many years and still happily yarning.

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Please select a preferred day of the week, and I will make a time in the future to visit, as I will need to coordinate the travel with other locations in the region.  If you know someone who’s ‘yarn story’ deserves to be heard, please make contact and I will endeavour to make that happen.

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