Hello Yarners!

Please share your yarn story.  Having opened a yarn shop a couple of years ago, I have been reminded of my younger days, growing up on a sheep farm on the outskirts of Melbourne (now decades ago) having memories of an era ago of my Mum (yes she is still alive, and she did teach me to knit, darn and simple sewing – (in her words of the day “in case I never married”).  Memories of Mum, Aunts and friends sitting together around the open fire in our big lounge room, telling stories, knitting and crocheting for family, husbands, children, especially grandchildren, and on occasions, something special for themselves.

With over two years now of greeting yarners to our shop, I have learnt that I see in our cumstomer – the heritage, the love, the connections, and enjoyment of their yarning endeavours, with nearly all commenting something like – “oh I just want to knit/crochet a jumper/scarf/beanie for my relative/friend.”  I’ve come to learn of the considerations – “wool, it has to be wool”   OR “cotton, my daughter/son refuses to sort washing, and will just bung it in the machine”   In listening to so many people, I see the enjoyment, the memories, the legacy, handing on a piece of them to their loved ones.

   I have learnt ‘yarning’ is:-

          love,  my happy time,  my time to turn off,