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Clover Circular Bamboo Knitting Needles

Select from Sizes:-   Ranging from 3.00 mm  to  10.00 mm with various cable length.

3.00mm x 80cm          3.25mm x 60cm          3.50mm x 60cm

3.75mm x 60cm          3.75mm x 80cm

4.00mm x 60cm          4.00mm x 80cm          4.00mm x 100cm

4.50mm x 60cm          4.50mm x 80cm

5.00mm x 40cm          5.00mm x 80cm

5.50mm x 40cm          5.50mm x 80cm

6.00mm x 80cm

7.00mm x 60cm          7.00mm x 80cm          7.00mm x 100cm

8.00mm x 80cm          8.00mm x 100cm

9.00mm x 80cm          9.00mm x 100cm

10.00mm x 80cm      10.00mm x 100cm

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Clover – Circular – Bamboo Knitting Needles

Lightweight, with a warm natural touch, bamboo is an ideal material from which to make knitting needles.  Bamboo is wonderful to knit with, the stitches are not so inclined to slip off the needle and for those of us with a tight grip the Bamboo offers a slight flex making them comfortable to use.  The smooth surface allows the yarn to glide easily along the needles, reducing fatigue. A tapered, round, even, polished needlepoint tips leave no fragments to split the yarn.

Clover’s quality processing technology with Takumi excellence of processing.  The needles and points are polished to a fine smoothness that prevents yarn from splitting.  The needle shaft has an even thickness, giving ease of use for neat stitches and great results.


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